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Cry To Heaven
So I got the itch to doodle again. The last time I did I ended up making book cover art for one of my favorite book series 'The Lives of the Mayfair Witches'. Now I wanted to do one of my all time favorite book (that literally the spine fell off because I've read it a million times), 'Cry To Heaven'.

The book is about a young boy living in the decadent world of 18th century Venice. At an early age Tonio's family discovers that he possess an other-worldly voice that is unsurpassed in power and beauty. The only problem is that he is a Venetian Patrician and the last of a long line of a very old and prominent noble family. His life is bound by honor and duty.
Until the day he meets his long lost brother...or is he? In a viscous plot in attempted fratricide, Tonio's life is spared while his future is shattered.
Against his will, he has become a castrato.
His voice forever preserved in its angelic state, he now grows up to become a very different young man. Adored and revered by, women, and castrati alike, he becomes one of the most celebrated opera performers of all time. All the while scheming to take his revenge upon those who stole his birthright.

Love, sex, intrigue, and most important of all, the power of music all come to play in this dark gothic novel that challenges the notion of masculinity and femininity.

Sooo uhhh...that was all really hard to conceptualize into book art. So this is what I came up with. Music is really hard genre to capture without being literal.


Here's the link to the last book art I made for the Mayfair Chronicles to compare.

What do you think? I'm not sure its my favorite background pic. It was a hell of time trying to capture the time period. But I love the way the text came out. I also like how the R and T in 'Cry to' form a cross...which definitely plays into the book when Tonio takes a Cardinal as his lover. Also what do you think about the caption? I was considering a period after each word (LOVE.BETRAYAL.HONOR.MUSIC), would that make more sense? Also its not too dark again is it??


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I revised it a bit. What do you think? I still like the original in my HiRes screen because its almost a ghost effect, like he's coming out from the shadows. Could you make him out in the original or do you like the revised?

I love the text as well. It was really fun making it! Especially the 'EN' , it looks like its almost dripping with blood.

As for the book, it has a huge following, even 30 years after it was published. But I recommended it to one of my friends and she didn't care for it at all.
Its a little grandiose, and Anne Rice does have a penchant for overly descriptive narratives, but it encapsulates all the genres that I find absolutely fascinating.
What made this the best for me was the music I listened to while I read it. I always pop in my favorite CD (which I fucking broke last month) of 'World's Greatest Arias' it has spine tingling renditions of arias from famous know the ones where the voices are so powerful and full of emotion that they almost make glass shatter with its beauty? That good stuff.Well it helped set the mood of the book, especially when they try to describe tonio's ethereal voice.
This book also covers a broad range of subjects like art, architecture, religion, caste system, sexuality, gender identity. Plus she tossed in a bunch of gay, het, bisexual sex (and a pinch of incest) to make it a fucking hot book.

So, in short, give it a shot.

This version has more of the "ghost" effect for me.

Hmm... I will have to give it a shot. If V.C. Andrews can intrigue me with incest then I'm sure Anne Rice can.

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