What the hell are you doing?

Getting fucked up. Maybe getting fucked.

4 days + 1 Month
In four days and one month I will:

Be on this earth for a quarter of a century.

Have lived in the city that I was born in for a quarter of a century.

Have done absolutely nothing for a quarter of a century.

Have spent almost a decade in the same field of work.

Have spent more than half a decade not going to school.

I think its about time I start living...

Cry To Heaven
So I got the itch to doodle again. The last time I did I ended up making book cover art for one of my favorite book series 'The Lives of the Mayfair Witches'. Now I wanted to do one of my all time favorite book (that literally the spine fell off because I've read it a million times), 'Cry To Heaven'.

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